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Three months of the grows app


Three months passed after the first version was published, the development didn’t stop. A couple of features and many fixes were released in 4 versions.

  • repeat function, set a repeat (fixed) spend/income by x days/weeks/months, such as your salary, mortgage, etc.
  • dark mode for iOS 13 and Android 10.
  • human-readable time, use “x hours ago”, “yesterday” to replace timestamp within two days.
  • bugs fix and improvements.

The development may be paused this year, even in the long holiday.

Next feature would be the Budget started from February.

Thanks Flutter, it makes the app development smooth and easy (not so easy for a back-end engineer) crossing iOS and Android. Really learned a lot from this side project.

List my thoughts:

  • Github issue is more helpful than stackoverflow. Probably because Flutter is still in development actively.
  • I’m not sure if they are volunteers, too many engineers are publishing flutter guides/code gist in Medium. However, most of the posts are just a copy of flutter doc/examples.
  • Don’t upgrade your flutter engine/dart version frequently. Only when you have spare time or need a feature.
  • Something looks wired? Go to github issue firstly.
  • Be careful for the packages from dart pub. It’s always a good choice to pick up the one published by dart team/flutter team. Even the intl package published by dart team, the health score is only 69 as of today (2019-12-03).

I would publish new thoughts if GrowS app gets 10 users, LOL.