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GrowS v2 launched


During the pandemic period, I tried new things but failed, might not be good for me right now, so gave up. Went back to GrowS 4 months ago, I decided to rewrite the app. Flutter has been improved a lot by official, the GrowS didn’t adopt the new features and 3rd party libraries too much. Also, I don’t like the UI I built, need too many actions for one input. Another one I don’t like is the two-categories, not flexible. The original purpose is to simplify user’s input that not to choose the category for expense or income. That’s easy for input, not easy for deep dive the cash flow in report. Why not multiple categories but give user the ability to customized them as two?

Now the V2 was launched today, what it is?

  1. New UI, the record input is simplified, just a few taps to complete a record.
  2. Customized categories and data migration between categories.
  3. New flutter state management framework GetX. It only had 700+ “likes” when I started to learn it, right now it has 2200+ “likes”, super great framework. Migrate all state management to GetX already, only use Stateless widgets what recommended.

Below feature was removed and will be added them back soon (because no active users, LOL).

  1. Repeat
  2. Import/Export
  3. Budget.
  4. Report charts.

Thanks to, great free tool to build app store screenshots.

BTW: found another app also is using the same Icon, shall replace it soon.