The GrowS v2 was launched a month ago. There are two new versions already released after that. I’m going to catch up the functions provided in v1. In 2021 new year, GrowS will have a bunch of features, focusing on how to input the record easily and how to find what you need from report easily. Those are offline function that no needs for the internet. I’m thinking the online features (data sync, share) are also useful but how to handle the data privacy and earn the trust, and the cost.
During the pandemic period, I tried new things but failed, might not be good for me right now, so gave up. Went back to GrowS 4 months ago, I decided to rewrite the app. Flutter has been improved a lot by official, the GrowS didn’t adopt the new features and 3rd party libraries too much. Also, I don’t like the UI I built, need too many actions for one input. Another one I don’t like is the two-categories, not flexible.
Three months passed after the first version was published, the development didn’t stop. A couple of features and many fixes were released in 4 versions. repeat function, set a repeat (fixed) spend/income by x days/weeks/months, such as your salary, mortgage, etc. dark mode for iOS 13 and Android 10. human-readable time, use “x hours ago”, “yesterday” to replace timestamp within two days. bugs fix and improvements. The development may be paused this year, even in the long holiday.
Download and try. Although flutter framework could be used for cross-platform (iOS and Android) development, no framework could be used for the app publish in two application stores. Fastlane reduces much work already. Hope better for the first publish. You enjoy the app, I enjoy the development. More features are on the way.
Download and try. Never know that app publish process is so complicated, more than adding a new feature. Anyway, it was released today and is showing on app store now. The function is simple, haven’t implemented the budget management but named it as that. The road map is large, hope I have enough time to finish them. As a backend software engineer, the mobile development is not so fun :).
After working for so many years for 4 companies, I’m going to make my many ideas real. Creating this website/blog to start the new adventure. That’s all. Hope I gotta catch’em all.